About Us

Ndzalama Competency Learning is a fully accredited educationtraining and development provider. The company was established in 2002 and obtained its accreditation from the EducationTraining and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA) in April 2003 for provisioning of qualifications and unit standards registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Our learning programmes are outcome-based and linked to nationally registered unit standards and therefore credit-bearing. The company provide consultation and facilitation as well as co-ordination services for companies, government departments, local governments and community based organisations.


To be the preferred provider of quality life-long educationtraining and developmentfacilitation and consultancy services in Limpopo Province and neighbouring provinces.


Our vision will be achieved through:
•    Provisioning of high quality and relevant learning programmes and services
•    Ensuring that learners experience fair, reliable and valid assessment practises.
•    Ensuring that learners achieve portable nationally recognised credits or qualifications,

The purpose of Ndzalama Competency Learning

The imperativeness to increase skills development and to improve productivity and the competitiveness of economic sectors, enhance socialdevelopment and eradicate poverty in our society necessitates establishment of educationtraining and development providers with programmes and services that will respond to the transformative goals of the country. Ndzalama Competency Learning was established in 2002 and focuses on educationtraining and development interventions, consultation and facilitation services to enhance competitiveness of industry and productivity of individuals. The company’s aim is to bridge the existing gaps in knowledge, skills and competency levels of ETD practitioners and learners as well as to create career paths for them where applicable with the variety of learning programmes and qualifications that are linked to National Qualifications Framework.

Principles and Practices

•    Outcomes-based methodologies and facilitation skills are used throughout the learning programme
•    Case studies, role plays and other relevant outcomes-based exercises are designed and included to ensure the integration of practical, foundational and reflexive competence.
•    Learners are awarded the opportunity for and advise in terms of clarification of concepts in their specific language of preference. All facilitators are able to communicate in the preferred local languages spoken per region.
•    Learning programmes form part of a system of human resources development, which provides for the establishment of a unifying approach to education and training
•    Our learning programmes and services remain responsive to national development needs
•    Provide ease of entry to appropriate levels of education and training for prospective learners in a manner that facilitates progression
•    Provides for learners, on successful completion of accredited pre-requisites to move between components of the delivery system
•    Ensure that the acquisition of credits permit individuals to move through the levels of national qualifications via different appropriate combinations of the components of the delivery system
•    Enable learners to transfer their credits or qualifications from one learning institution and/or employer to another

Sanette Wevell is generally known as the ‘Train-the-trainer Lady’.

As the Managing Director of Ndzalama Competency Learning, Sanette believes in individual attention and focuses on every students needs in his or her own field.

The company is accredited through the ETDP SETA and makes sure that every student receives quality training and all the support required to become a competent, confident, qualified practitioner.’